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A Ribbon Play

Movement Director

Northwestern University, 2020

Director/Adapter: Harley Kirchhoff

Ensemble: Hailey Brunson, Emily Landreth, Julia Mann, Kandace Mack, Liana Runcie

Photography: Jane Emma Barnett

An adaptation of Carmen Machado's short story "The Husband Stitch," A Ribbon Play is a toy theatre-based exploration of youth and the body. Step into our slumber party and meet wolf girls, hookmen, poisoned brides, and many more all twisted into the narration of the girl with the green ribbon!

"The second I began to put this piece together, I knew Ellie would be the only person who would be able to answer the question of, “How do I communicate this movement to actors in a way that keeps them safe at all times?”  From the moment we sat down to go over the script, I knew I could not execute the piece without her.  Ellie choreographed a birth sequence, two women falling in love for the first time, a couple rolling around in the grass and so much more.  She ran every warmup and choreography session with grace and comfort, and lit up the room every time she entered."

- Harley Kirchhoff, Director
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