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A Fairytale

Movement Director

Northwestern University, 2019

Director: Connor Lifson

Ensemble: Henry Bock, Delia Cunningham, Annabel Heacock, Sam Linda, Nate Smith, Sarah Springhorn, Jessie Vane

Photography: Ellie Levine

In this multi-media, toy theatre fairytale, 10 year old Rona travels through worlds of dreams and nightmares to prove her essence.

"As a movement director, Ellie totally transformed our process and our show. She joined us midway through a devising process and seamlessly adopted our vision for the performance, while adding her own flair. She worked closely with our ensemble to develop a cohesive movement style that tracked not just through the designated "movement sequences," but through the entire show. From a stylized fall into the underworld to a monster made of 3 actors and a hanging light bulb, Ellie choreographed elegant and powerful moving images, while keeping the actors (several untrained in movement work) totally safe. She is a gifted collaborator, multi-talented artist, and generous presence in any room. She makes the work better and more enjoyable for everyone involved."

- Connor Lifson, Director
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