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I worked with Half A String to build and operate a giant fox puppet to welcome Little Amal to Canterbury. You can learn more about The Walk With Amal here

Inside the Box

This piece was created as a part of the Theatre Making Masters at the University of Kent. It was also performed at the Gulbenkian Theatre GENFest.


With the goal of challenging the typical creative process, I set out to create five pieces of toy theatre in five weeks. Using a variety of puppetry styles, this performance showcases these small worlds, exploring themes of identity and growing up. In the performance, live feed video is used to give audiences an up-close look at the puppets while watching how the performers bring each piece to life onstage.

"Thoroughly enjoyed the details of Inside the Box – beautifully executed. Made me want to create."
"I personally loved Ellie Levine and her amazing shadow puppets.  Hopefully this will be something that will be shared more widely as it was extremely beautiful and clever."

Can We Change?

In this international collaboration between L'Onde Théâtrale, University of Kent, and University of Lille, we created a short film on the topic of climate change during a one week devising process. I designed and created the puppetry for this scene.

You can learn more about the project and see the whole film here 


Assistant Director

"An extraordinary journey through a busy forest. Experience a story told from the perspective of an acorn; the hectic forest floor, dense thrumming underworlds, and dazzling heights of icy branches. Breathe explores the inner workings of trees, all beautifully realized through a combination of puppetry, detailed sets, and live camera work. Underscored through a truly unique blend of thumping D&B and live ethereal folk songs."

- Half A String

Die Puppenstars!

In August 2022 I traveled with the Half A String team to perform an excerpt of Breathe on the German television show, Die Puppenstars!

RTL and Bildergarten TV

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