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Paint a Picture,
Stitch a String


Columbus Children's Theatre, 2024

Devised and written by:

Bethlehem Berhane, Nora Clark, Regan James, Timothy Kotalik, Graciela Leahy, Minaugh Sheets, Lincoln Stevenson

Kyle Long Photography

"This brand-new piece has been carefully devised by seven talented high schoolers under the guidance of director Ellie Levine. Transcend the boundaries of time as “Paint a Picture, Stitch a String” weaves together stories spanning several centuries into a tapestry of diverse emotions and shared experiences. Each scene is a brushstroke, painting a vivid picture of human connection and the universal threads that bind us. Be a part of the journey that transcends the ordinary as this young ensemble brings their imagination to life."

Over the course of six weeks, a group of high schoolers worked together to devise and write this original play. We started by brainstorming themes they were interested in exploring. Then through devising exercises, improvisation, and collaborative writing sessions, they brought their vision to life. 

Hear about the creative process from these passionate young artists by watching this video!


Fyrebird Media

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